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Henry Bennah Public Elementary School

Kingsville Community Action Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by a few hometown folks in 2010, and we are registered and based in Providence, Rhode Island. We are committed to helping the Township of Kingsville in Liberia by supporting the school system, and to build a farmer's market in the town. 

We believe that a farmer's market will encourage more people to engage in agriculture to earn income to send their kids to school and support their families. Ninety-nine percent of the residents of Kingsville Township earn a living through small scale farming so the need for a market to sell their crops will be of great help. Also, giving back to our hometown is a noble cause that will make a difference in the lives of people in need of a helping hand so they can help themselves. We are forever grateful to a town that gave us so much no matter where we call home today. Now it's time to give back.


Our Progress


In 2014, we donated $700 in school supplies to the Henry Bennah Elementary Public School. We also donated $800 to pay for surveying of 3.9 acres of land to build the new market. Unfortunately the market project was blocked by the former district Representative for unknown reasons. 

Fortunately, we have newly elected, and appointed officials in place and they are willing to work with us to revisit the project. So it is time to restart the project and complete it. The people of the township are very excited and appreciative, and we hope to make this project a reality. Thanks to everyone for your financial support.

As Chairman, I want to thank our board of directors for their resilience, not giving up on this very worthy project amid challenges we faced over the years. Our patience is now paying off because we are on our way to achieving our goal.

Best Regards,

Philemon George, Chairman

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To the left is our proposed new market design and facility with day care, storage, nurse station, etc. Your  donations will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for our people back home. We thank you for your support.

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Big News

Groundbreaking for the Market

Our fundraising received a huge boost from our sister organization, Union of Todee Association of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their donation is highly appreciated and our special thanks to Mr. James Y. Hunder, National Chairman, and the board of directors of their esteem organization.

On February 1, 2019, we did the groundbreaking for the market. It was an exciting moment for a project that has been in the making for seven years. The saying, "it's better late than never" is indeed true and we are now on our way to building the market. Thanks to all including Rep. Lawrence Morris, Mr. Philemon George, Commissioner Augustus Binda, and many others from the district who joined us for this important event.  

This project is a public-private partnership between the Township, district Rep. Lawrence Morris, and Kingsville Community Action Group, based in the United States. Each party agreed in a signed MOU to share the cost of the project. The success of this project will exemplify the power of collaboration for a common good and we will work hard to make it a success story. Construction starts in March 2019 and we hope to complete it in sixteen months. 

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